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Schools take lead in securing real sporting legacy of London 2012 Olympics


Schools across London are pioneering a new method of making sports facilities available to the public, in a move praised by Schools Guru and IAA Presidents Lord Adonis as a “win-win idea”.

Following the Olympics, a huge upsurge of interest has seen schools look to make the most of the low cost, often underused facilities that they have available.

Previously, the facilities have often been underused due to arcane and complicated booking systems, meaning a potentially valuable resource has been unavailable to the public.

Responding to the problem, a number of schools, including Paddington Academy of West London and The Petchey Academy of East London, have joined forces with East London based start-up Hire Space, in order to make their venues available to book online using a state-of-the-art booking and marketing system.

The initiative, which comes on the back of increasing concerns about the long term sporting and social legacy of the Olympic Games, is designed to allow the public to reap the full health and participatory benefits of sport as well as providing a much needed boost to school finance at a time of looming public sector cuts.

 Hire space Co-founder, Will Swannell, said:

"The Olympics have been a huge catalyst for change encouraging schools to get involved with the scheme and do their bit in achieving a solid and sustainable Olympic legacy.”

The public will be able to book the school’s facilities from late September when Hire pace launches the booking side of its website. In the meantime schools wishing to join the scheme should register their interest on