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Posted By Social Edge
On 4 February 2015 - 4:14pm

 World Wildlife Fund’s big shift began in May 2012 with an eye-opening report card.

The Living Planet Report, a biennial snapshot of the state of the planet that we use to guide our work, came out and the findings were dismal. It told the story of an unfolding ecological catastrophe. All the trend lines on issues we cherish, from biodiversity to food security to climate change, pointed in the wrong direction. In the fight for our planet’s future, it was clear that we had won some important conservation battles, but in other key areas we were falling behind.

WWF has much to be proud of. For more than 50 years we’ve built a track record of saving wildlife, wild places and communities in places like Nepal, Namibia and Brazil. But ...more

On 3 February 2015 - 5:05pm

cairn-437303_640We’re all here to help each other, and part of that is supporting balance.   And one of the ways we can do this is to encourage your team to share their goals outside of work.   In so doing, this will help your organization’s mission, too.

It’s important to have outside lives and interests.  You have to begin by recognizing those first for yourself.  Your team will see you modeling this balance and how it makes you a whole, fully giving person.

Why do we try to encourage our team to have outside interests, and to share their goals? We know UniversalGiving can’t be everything for everyone (even me :)).  Balance helps keep people energized and refreshed. They maintain ...more

Posted By InspirateCIC
On 3 February 2015 - 4:10pm

“Is a bow when you try and headbutt someone?” Sebastian


Posted By Bubb’s blog
On 3 February 2015 - 3:54pm

The third sector leads the way in joining social care and health. My recent work on winter pressure in A&E departments has reminded me just how effective we are at reducing demand for hospital services. More news on that to come later in the week...
I've written a piece for the New Statesman today, looking at Labour's plans for a 'National Health and Care Service'. Here it is:
Government NHS reforms adviser: Burnham's plan for patient choice is the right way
Last week, the former Health Secretary Alan Milburn said it would be a "fatal mistake" for Labour to fight the election by spending on, but not reforming, the NHS. He was joined by another Labour luminary – Lord Darzi – on Friday, as a clear group appeared to line up against the shadow health secretary Andy Burnham’s agenda.
These attacks are not just unseemly, ...more

Posted By Changemakers blogs
On 3 February 2015 - 1:20am

See video

Canadians from coast to coast to coast have spoken! Our six finalists were featured during a CBC Special, Canadians were asked to vote for their favourite innovation.

Trottibus received the most votes and will receive up to $1 million from the Government of Canada to put their winning idea into action!

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On 2 February 2015 - 5:05pm

road-21205_640“The future will belong to the nature-smart…The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

– Richard Louv

We email, text, tweet, and then buy on Amazon.  The Tribune Media Group recently reported we’re on the Web at over 5 hours each day.  In addition to that, we’re involved in technology almost every day.

Do we see Nature every day?


Posted By Bubb’s blog
On 2 February 2015 - 10:38am

Last Thursday morning I was surprised to read of William Shawcross’s reappointment as chair of the Charity Commission, which was announced without prior warning or consultation. His three-year term was to end in October, and the reappointment process would usually begin in a few months’ time.
The Commission is an important public body, and not the Cabinet Office’s personal fiefdom. At a time when it has been under sustained and severe criticism - and when as the National Audit Office acknowledge, they are starting to turn things around - this is not what they need. It will only add fuel to the fire of those who accuse the Commission of being a plaything of government patronage, rather than a forceful, independent regulator.
I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood to ...more

Posted By Addictions UK
On 2 February 2015 - 9:00am

This week's slogan ...more

On 31 January 2015 - 10:13pm

I’ve previously written on my personal site about the mindset changes required to become a location independent entrepreneur. Now I’m focused on building location independent businesses and am in a race to six figs a month with my buddy Ben Perove, founder of the wordpress migration plugin business WP Motion and founder of the automated lead generation software Replyboss. Join us on the Bootstrap Duel Podcast every Monday.



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Posted By Changemakers blogs
On 30 January 2015 - 6:04pm

LONDON -- Unilever and University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership announce Daniel Yu as the winner of the second Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur Prize.

Daniel Yu, 21, founder of Reliefwatch—a simple softwa

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