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Posted By Social Edge
On 10 April 2014 - 9:40am

We should all learn to think in “and” rather than in terms of “but.”  As Daniel Lubetzky showed through his amazing stories about his journey to create the socially impactful and socially sustainable venture, Kind, “using ‘and‘ helps you start to create all kinds of powerful possibilities.”  If we can push ourselves to always use “and,” we open up the possibility of collaboration and not just competition, transparency instead of unclarity, and solutions instead of more problems. Thinking “and” will help us all to think about new paths we can take to make the change we want to see.

As social entrepreneurs, we are often thwarted in our efforts by our fear of “buts,” our fear of thinking about the “and” of market forces, and our fear of the ...more

Posted By Social Edge
On 10 April 2014 - 9:26am

Wednesday’s Conversation with Amazonian Indigenous Chiefs highlighted the roles technology and collaborative strategies play in helping remote indigenous communities generate income; map, demarcate and protect their land; organize for women’s rights; keep oral traditions alive; build schools and provide health care to their communities. While the people represented in today’s conversation are located in remote parts of the Amazon, community leaders are able to build strong ties with partners around the world to develop innovative solutions that generate much-needed resources.

In Brasil, the Yawanawa have partnered with Aveda to supply the company with the bright orange-red pigment traditionally used as face and body paint. Chief Tashka Yawanawa described the partnership as an important ...more

Posted By Addictions UK
On 10 April 2014 - 9:00am

Thought: 'Into each life a little rain must fall – so look after your guttering!' ...more

Posted By Ed Mayo's blog
On 9 April 2014 - 5:59pm

With Lord Myners resigning from his Board position this morning, it continues to be a tough time for The Co-operative Group – among the worst in its long history. Yet for all that, our research shows considerable goodwill at a public level with people hoping that the business can pull together.

By and large people are aware that this is just one co-operative and the wider mutual model is one that still carries a high degree of trust. There are over six thousand independent co-operatives across the UK, with a turnover of £36 billion. Only 6% of UK adults say, in polling research, that what has happened will change their view of co-operatives in general.

The financial results now due for the Co-operative Bank, like all audited accounts, will look back, but, however its final capital call is resolved, the bank itself is looking to the future. It may be a slow recovery path but it will remain distinctive in terms of its ethical position and will of course retain close ...more

Posted By Bubb’s blog
On 9 April 2014 - 12:08pm

Amid all the drama about Maria Miller this morning it was easy to overlook the DWP select committee’s suggestion that their evaluation of Universal Credit has been ‘hampered by Ministers’.
Dame Anne Begg MP criticised the ‘excruciatingly slow pace of roll-out to date’, and said that Ministers have ‘hampered the committee's scrutiny of Universal Credit implementation by not providing accurate, timely and detailed information’, for example on the IT problems the scheme has suffered.
We heard last month that rising demand for food banks is not simply due to more of them being set up. Evidence is starting to emerge that ties the explosion in the use of food banks to Government welfare policy. A ...more

Posted By Bubb’s blog
On 9 April 2014 - 9:25am

It's not often one draws the bedroom curtain to find a bunch of kangaroos outside. Staying in a chalet in  the Jarrah forest in the Margaret River wine region of South West Australia gives much scope for wild life observation; fortunately no nasty crawly things so far. The chalet is on the Island Brook estate, a boutique winery in this gorgeous part of Australia. And I'm blogging after a day around some of the finest wineries Australia has to offer!  Highlight was Cullens. Would have bought some but the helpful wine taster in chief said it’s cheaper in the UK and gave me a list of the stockist! Their Chardonnay is a world beater.

On holiday in Australia (every good CEO deserves a break, even me!) and arrived in Perth after spending a while in the Hunter valley wine region. On a farm as it happens. And so lots of wine tasting and good food.
Here are a few photos for you amusement.  ...more

Posted By Addictions UK
On 9 April 2014 - 9:00am

This week's video ...more

Posted By Addictions UK
On 9 April 2014 - 9:00am

This week's video ...more

On 8 April 2014 - 5:05pm

I have a mistress, for perfections rare

In every eye, but in my thoughts most fair.

Like tapers on the altar shine her eyes;

Her breath is the perfume of sacrifice;

And wheresoe’er my fancy would begin,

Still her perfection lets religion in.

We sit and talk, and kiss away the hours

As chastely as the morning dews kiss flowers:

I touch her, like my beads, with devout care,

And come unto my courtship as my prayer

- Thomas Randolph


Thomas Randolph (15 June 1605 – March 1635) was an English poet and dramatist. He was born at Newnham, England to William and Elizabeth Randolph. Thomas was awarded Master of Arts in 1631, and became a major fellow of his college in the same year. He wrote epitaphs for people close to the family when he was 16. Thomas was one of the most popular playwrights of his time and was expected to become Poet Laureate after Ben Johnson. It was his untimely death at age ...more