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Video: top tips for mutual success

17 August 2012
David Erdal

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The single key to success is to find good managers. There is no ownership structure on earth that will save a bad business.

David Erdal

In the fourth and final part of Matt Black's interview with David Erdal, the champion of employee-owned business and author of Beyond the Corporation: Humanity Working lays down his top tips for success for public service spin-outs

Public service spin-outs are on the rise. It is estimated that 20,000 public servants now work for mutuals with contracts worth over £1bn. At the end of 2011, 40 new mutuals had spun out from the NHS and primary care trusts alone and the Health and Social Care Act via the 'Right to Provide' leglislation will only lead to this number increasing.

Are they up to the task of delivering? It will be a challenge, but there are organisations on hand such as Mutual VenturesBaxi Partnership and the government's Mutuals Information Service who can help. In the video below, David Erdal shares his top tips for mutual success.


David Erdal is non-executive director of Baxi Partnership and Author of Beyond the Corporation. If your business is interested in becoming employee-owned, you can contact Baxi Partnership on 0845 680 6702, email or visit their website to find out more.

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