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Video: Responsible capitalism in action?

25 January 2012

This isn’t just window dressing on a company that says our primary purpose is to make a lot of money. It’s about showing that their role in the community is at the heart of what Johnson & Johnson does.

Dave Dawes, project lead, Nurst First

Politicians of right and left are fighting to claim the ‘responsible capitalism’ territory, as public anger at profiteering multinationals and overpaid CEOs continues to rumble. But what does responsible business look like in practice?

One innovative example is the collaboration between social business Shaftesbury Partnership and pharmaceuticals giant Johnson & Johnson. Together they have set up Nurse First, a programme aiming to create a national movement of healthcare innovators.
Matt Black met with the people behind the programme – social entrepreneur Dave Dawes and Rhoda Steel of Johnson & Johnson – to find out more. In the first of two video clips he asks what the programme is all about and how the partnership works. It's a great example of a joint ventrure between the worlds of corporate and social business, and recommended viewing for anyone looking to develop such partnerships.

Catch the second part of the video next week when Dave discusses the dark arts of innovation and persuasion.
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