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Market Profile: Buzzbnk

23 June 2011

Say hello to Buzzbnk online

Who we are: 

Buzzbnk is an online marketplace connecting social ventures with backers, supporters and cheerleaders. 

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What we offer:

The Buzzbnk marketplace brings together ventures from all walks of life, from small-community initiatives to world-changing big ideas. Buzzbnk backers find ventures they like and provide support with funding, feedback, and other means alongside like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about social entrepreneurship and social change. In short, it’s crowd-funding for social ventures. We have a range of ambitious projects on addressing issues in education, employment, the environment, human rights, and social welfare among others and are constantly looking for audacious new ventures to work with. 
Who should contact us:
Our vision is to become the social venture hothouse where all kinds of world-changing ideas, small or big, will be funded by inspired and empowered crowds. So, if you are a social venture looking to fund a project with social impact, please contact us at
Buzzbnk is a registered trade mark of SellAVenture LLP