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Market Profile: CAF Venturesome

25 May 2011
A Venturesome investment

A Venturesome investment

Who we are: Set up in 2002, CAF Venturesome is longest established social investment fund in the United Kingdom, and has made over £20m of investments (mainly unsecured debt, but also equity, quasi-equity and underwriting) to 280 charities, social enterprises and community groups. CAF Venturesome operates four funds: CAF Social Impact Fund (cashflow/bridging loans to charities), Venturesome Development Fund (growth capital for charities), Venturesome Innovation Fund (new financial instruments), and the Community Land Trust Fund (working with community groups to develop affordable housing in rural areas). CAF Venturesome also publishes its thinking about social investment in order to influence the development of the social investment market in the UK and around the world.

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What we offer: Unsecured loans at 6% (for 3 to 5 years).
Who should contact us: Small/medium sized charities and social enterprises. We do not fund start-ups (you must have at least one year’s audited trading accounts).
What is the size of your investment portfolio? Currently, it is £10m.
What areas of the UK do you invest in? All areas of the UK.
Are there any particular sectors/asset classes you invest in? We are cause agnostic, and may invest in any organisation with social purpose (not necessarily just registered charities).
What proportion of investments are classified high, medium and low risk? Currently, the financial risk ratings on our portfolio are:
High risk: 35%
Medium risk: 20%
Low risk: 45%
Do you fund start ups? No.
What organisational structures will you fund (eg CIC Charity CLG)? Any. We are not restricted by legal form in our investments.
Do you provide match funding? No. But we do like to co-invest with other social investment funds.
Do you collaborate? Yes. We work with other funds such as Big Issue Invest, Bridges Ventures, and Esmee Fairbairn Finance Fund.