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Market Profile: Coin St Community Builders

30 March 2011

Since 1984 CSCB has transformed a largely derelict 13 acre site into a thriving mixed use neighbourhood.

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Who we are:

Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) is a social enterprise and development trust which seeks to make London's South Bank a better place in which to live, to work and to visit. CSCB has transformed a largely derelict 13 acre site into a thriving mixed use neighbourhood by creating new co-operative homes; shops, galleries, restaurants, cafes and bars; a park and riverside walkway; sports facilities; by organising festivals and events; and by providing childcare, family support, learning, and enterprise support programmes. We believe that neighbourhood-led action is crucial for success, so have developed our specialist consultancy team to support others to undertake visionary developments in their own areas.

What we offer:

We are about transforming neighbourhoods and building communities and supporting others to do the same. We understand community and neighbourhood organisations and have the technical expertise to help develop building and regeneration projects with the best chance of success. We draw on leading construction, finance and legal professionals to give our clients the best bespoke support and advice for their particular projects. We offer support at a variety of levels, from an initial “scoping” snapshot of a project and its issues, with advice on next steps, to feasibility studies and intensive project management and development support.

Who should contact us:

We particularly support neighbourhood based organisations which lack access to the level of professional expertise necessary to avoid costly mistakes at crucial times in the development of their organisations and asset projects. We also work with agencies funding physical regeneration projects to help ensure that their money is spent effectively and well.