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Investment fund: UnLtd Level 2 Millenium Awards

17 February 2011

Jamie Feldon – Level 2 award winner

Fund name: UnLtd Level 2 Millennium Awards

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What areas of the UK does this fund invest in? All over the UK

Is this fund sector/asset class specific? For social entrepreneurs
Are start-ups eligible for this fund? Early stage social entrepreneurs who are ambitious to scale up.
What organisational structures are funded (eg CIC/Charity/CLG)? UnLtd funds individual social entrepreneurs rather than organisations.
What structures does this fund use (e.g. equity/unstructured loan/grant etc)? Awards in the form of a ‘grant’
What return do you look for from an investment from this fund? No financial return
What impact do you look for in an investment from this fund?
We would expect social impact to increase and beneficiaries reached to increase.
Minimum size of deal: £10K
Maximum size of deal: £20K
What proportion of investments are classified high, medium and low risk? n/a
Are audited accounts required? Yes
Is match funding available? No
Is there maximum and minimum recipient turnover requirements? Minimum £20K turnover
Is a percentage of investee income to come from trading? Not specified
Do you have a preferred and/or maximum length of investment? 12 months
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 UnLtd Level 2 Awards are open for applications twice a year with 50 social entrepreneurs supported through this Awards programme. For more information visit 7566 1100