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Social enterprise sex toys will help Brits have 'good' sex

13 September 2012
image of brightly lit sex shop sign

An 82-year-old sexual health charity is to start selling sex toys, games, DVDs and other products online to help improve the nation’s sex lives.

The Family Planning Association is most famous for establishing the UK’s network of contraception clinics.

The charity has launched as a ‘good’ and ethical alternative to what it believes are the ‘bad and ugly’ practices of the growing number of online sex shops.

All profits will go to the FPA to support its charitable work across the UK.

‘The internet has created a new era of freedom for people to buy sex products and toys,’ explains FPA business development manager Terry Hawkins. ‘Just as innovations like the Kindle and downloadable books have kick-started the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, people also like the anonymity and choice that the internet offers for exploring their sexual desires.

‘However, we’re increasingly concerned by some of the common practices in this sector and believe there is a need for safe and trusted place where people can shop with confidence.’

The practices on FPA’s hit list include ‘online remarketing’ of sex products. This targets people with explicit advertising even when they are no longer browsing sites of a sexual nature, potentially exposing children using a family computer to inappropriate content.

The FPA is also boycotting products with offensive names and packaging, or those that have violent or aggressive connotations. It also changes any product descriptions that it feels are unnecessarily explicit.

The site also ensures that customers have easy access to expert advice and support through the FPA helpline, on how to use the products safely and any questions or concerns relating to their sexual health.