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Good Deals 2011 on film: Muhammad Yunus and Julie Hanna

10 December 2011
Good Deals 2011 conference image

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Good Deals 2011 saw many luminaries grace the stage, but none wowed the crowd more than two leading lights of microfinance.

35 years ago Muhammad Yunus made a loan of $27 to 42 women borrowers in Bangladesh. Microfinance was born.

Now peer-to-peer microloan site Kiva leads the way. Since its inception in 2005 a staggering $263 million loans have been made, with a repay rate of almost 99%. (You can watch loans happen in real time here)

Below, watch Liam Black's captivating interview with Yunus, and Julie Hanna's inspirational closing talk at Good Deals 2011. 

Good Deals 2011. Liam Black interview Muhammad Yunus

Good Deals 2011. Julie Hanna: Bringing Humanity to Business