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  • FLOYD'S LEADER FOCUS: Ed Mayo, head of Co-operatives UK

    17 October 2012

    With the impending takeover of more than 600 Lloyds branches and declining consumer confidence in big business, Ed Mayo says the time is now for co-operatives. ...more

  • photo of Kelly Davies running with the Olympic torch

    The football star with big social goals

    17 August 2012

    'Just do it,' advises ex-international footballer Kelly Davies reflecting on her journey from award-winning start-up to tackling big social issues with football clubs in four countries ...more

  • photo of June O'Sullivan

    A woman on a mission: Taking a grown-up approach to childcare

    30 July 2012

    Overseeing ambitious growth and culture change at the UK’s biggest childcare social enterprise, CEO June O’Sullivan says the opportunity is there but the sector is completely failing to make an impact on the public consciousness. ...more

  • infographic from UnLtd

    Infographic: the impact of social entrepreneurs

    26 July 2012

    What do social entrepreneurs achieve and what impact do they have on communities across the UK? UnLtd reveals all in graphic form ...more

  • Photo of doctor with defibrillator

    A shocking mess or a jolt back to life?

    10 April 2012

    Can social entrepreneurs revive opportunity from the legislative mess of the Health and Social Care Act? David Floyd investigates ...more

  • Darwin: the true father of economics?

    18 January 2012

    As Europe stares into an economic abyss and with the US appearing to be in terminal decline, capitalism is under the cosh. Economist and author Robert H. Frank explains his vision of an economic model inspired by Charles Darwin. ...more

  • Photo of Luke Fletcher

    Social Business – the missing piece of the social economy puzzle?

    17 January 2012

    A quirk in UK company law and a steer from the US could lead the way to truly harnessing the power of capitalism in the service of society, suggests Luke Fletcher ...more

  • Photo of Duncan Goose

    The Goose with golden eggs?

    4 January 2012

    From water and eggs to microfinance, social business Global Ethics is turning profitable products into life-changing projects across the world. As it continues to diversify, the business is now looking for investment to grow. Claudia Cahalane spoke to founder Duncan Goose about its plans for 2012 ...more

  • Photo of Leona McDermid, commercial director at Aberdeen Foyer

    Building a better way to live

    5 December 2011

    When a leading housing developer embarked on a mission to build Scotland’s first sustainable village, a social enterprise model offered the best opportunity to combine innovation, partnership and social purpose. Claire McBain reports ...more

  • Photo of the cover of Future Quotient report from Volans and JWT

    50 stars in seriously long-term innovation

    10 November 2011

    What kind of action is needed to build a more efficient, resilient system than the one we currently rely upon – asks Charmian Love, CEO of Volans and co-author of a new report on long-term thinking around sustainability?  ...more

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