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SE100 Privacy Policy

General Information

RBS SE100 is run by Social Enterprise in partnership with RBS. We are committed to protecting the sensitive information you provide. You have full control of all information we store about you and what communications you receive from us.

We collect statistical information regarding visitors to our site to allow us to improve content and usability for our customers.

Entry to the RBS SE100 is not possible unless you supply individual information as requested.

Social Enterprise and RBS may contact you with relevant information based on RBS SE100 and related products.

If you have opted out, your details will not be passed on to third parties.

If you qualify as one of our leading five organisations/ leading new comer in any particular sector or in our overall top 100 organisations, we will publish details limited to: organisation name; short description of organisation; trading region; latest turnover figure; growth figure based on previous/current turnover figures.

We will also generate a 'social impact score' based on information provided in Section 4 of the survey.

If you are the leading organisation in any particular sector or one of the overall champions, you will be contacted by phone and/or email by a Social Enterprise journalist.

Sensitive Personal Data

You may be required to provide information that is defined as Sensitive Personal Data by the Data Protection Act (1998). This will be the case if you are filling in the survey and are also the chief executive of the company. RBS SE100 collects demographic and ethnic data to map leadership trends in the sector. This is the only circumstance where we will collect Sensitive Personal Data.

In providing this information you are giving your explicit consent for Social Enterprise and RBS to collect, process, store and report trends based on your Sensitive Personal Data.

Your sensitive personal data will be not be passed on to any third parties if you have opted out on the survey. You may also opt out post survey by contacting us in writing on company letter headed paper.

Accessing your personal information

Under the Act you have the right to access the information we hold about you. If you wish to obtain this data please send a written request on company letter headed paper, including a copy of your passport signed by both you and your line manager stating that you have authority to access the organisations information. You must work for the registered organisation.

Social Enterprise and RBS retain the right to edit any information provided.


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Our website uses both persistent and session cookies. Persistent cookies are cookies that stay on your computer permanently until you "manually" delete them. Session cookies delete themselves automatically when you leave a website and go to another one or shut down your browser. We use cookies in order to allow you to complete your survey form over multiple visits.


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